January 27th, 2008


chocolate raspberry?

Hi all =) So I am currently seeing an omni boy..who actually goes to the Culinary Institute of America. With Valentine's Day coming up, I am really looking to wow him with a vegan dessert. (I am leaving cooking the food up to him- the boy is a master with tofu, and I love it!) I know he is a chocoholic and loves raspberry- any good suggestions? I'm looking for something that will be somewhat challenging and has a big wow factor, I was thinking about chocolate covered raspberries, but I always have a hard time getting the chocolate to harden. I'm also looking for something that is somewhat healthy (ie, no shortening..and if I can, I'd like to be able to replace any flour I'd be using with something that has a higher nutritional content) Thank you all so much, any suggestions would be great!!
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making wine into vinegar?

I have a really bad habit of opening a bottle of wine, drinking a glass or two and then completely forgetting about it. Instead of just throwing it out, I was thinking of trying to make my own vinegar out of it so I don't feel *quite* as bad about it. So I looked it up online and found this.

So my question is, have any of you ever made your own wine vinegar before? Is it as easy as the tutorial makes it out to be? How bad do you think it would be if I mixed two red wines together when making red wine vinegar?

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice you might have!
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Italian recipe book advice!


So I'm OBSESSED with Italian cookery, and I'm looking out for a really good Italian cookbook. Priorities are a recipe for fresh pasta that rocks, and ingredients which aren't too exotic or specialist (I live in Northern Ireland, so things like wheat gluten and vegan cheese are hard to come by). I already have "A Vegan Taste of Italy". I was looking at "Nonna's Italian Kitchen", and I quite like the look of it although one review said it was hard to come by some ingredients, so my questions are: how good is this cookbook? And, is there another you can recommend which is better?


snacking vegan

i was vegan for over a year and i had to drop it for a while because i got really sick, and now i'm having a hard time gettingback into the swing of things.  snacking is really hitting me hard, what are some good filling vegan snacks

(i'm also tracking my re-veganising on my journal, check it out)