January 31st, 2008

pumpkin butter

I'm house sitting for my in-laws this week (they're vegan, and about 90% raw) and they had something not raw in their fridge that ended up being amazing. Amish Pumpkin Butter. The ingredients say Pumpkin, Apple Juice Concentrate, Spices.
Sounds easy to me. I was thinking i'd add nutmeg and cinnamon.
Does anyone have any ideas on the proportions though? I was thinking a can of pumpkin (i can get fresh where i live this time of year), maybe a couple of tablespoons of the apple juice concentrate..??
Anyone have a recipe they've used before? This is a great way for me to cut a lot of sugar from my diet since i've fallen in love with this Sugarfree Pumpkin Butter...

Backpacking vegan?!

Hey guys! I'm wondering if you can help me figure out some traveling plans.

You see, over the summer, my boyfriend and I are planning on doing some backpacking in Europe.
So far, the idea is to fly from Ireland to the Czech Republic, and then sort of work our way back.
Hike/hitch/train/however... I'm not really too worried about the food situation in bigger cities... but I'm scared I won't know what to do if in more rural areas of Eastern Europe, you know?

My family came from Zabreh, which is a smaller Czech city... and I really want to see where we came from! BUT I'm so afraid I'll starve! (What with the language barrier and the fact that they probably don't cater much to a vegan diet.)

Has anyone ever done something like what I'm attempting? How did it go?
I have ideas, but I need advice/encouragement.
Anything you have to share would be greatly appreciated.
Thaaaank youuu.

shopping lists

My mum is going away for a week so i need to put together a grocery list.  so far i'm thinking stuff like instant noodles, oatmeal, soups, fresh vegetables, stuff for a stir fry, junk food.  is there anything specific i should try and look for?

yummy caramel chocolate microwave popcorn!

so, around the holidays, my boyfriend and i were pretty low on funds, so we decided to buy cute little tins and make some homemade caramel corn. the recipe we used took a pretty long time, but it tasted pretty yummy. however, it was the chewy old-fashioned caramel corn that stuck to your teeth, and i wanted to make more of a cracker jakc, cripsy corn. i will post the recipes for both, as both are big hits and totally different. the second one is wayyyyyy easier, and resulted in the cripsy texture i was looking for. i tinkered around with the recipe and have made it into a chocolate caramel corn. i have been on a cleanse for the past 21 days and haven't gotten to try it yet, but both my nostrils and my boyfriend say it's glorious!


two parter...how to grab the skeptical public?

so a couple weeks ago I asked for some ideas to present during my theory course on vegetarian/vegan choices (things like plant ca vs animal ca, disease fighting capacity, environmental reasonings, etc etc) and I've amassed a lovely collection! thank you all..

ANYWAY... now I need to start forming my ideas for a 40 minute presentation on all these aspects...I can handle that part...I like presentations...so my questions are:

1) are there are public grabbing sound bytes that would go over well for a crowd of skeptics (this class is a mix of education/chiro/dietetics/nursing students...)

and more importantly...

2) what are some good vegetarian and vegan recipes that would really impress said skeptical crowd...? they would have to be room temperature or cold, and something you've found impresses omnivores that it's meat(/dairy/egg)less...? I'm going to do a cupcake...and maybe a sneaky tofu dish (chocolate pie? something else?) but can you think of any dishes other than sweets that might go over impressively?

New book - A Vegan Taste of the Middle East!

About a week ago I went bonkers on the Blackwell's website and ordered LOADS of new cookbooks. Cost me a fortune in postage, but it's worth it. Today, 'A Vegan Taste of the Middle East' by Linda Majzlik arrived and I've flicked through. Looks like there's LOADS of exciting stuff!

If anyone has it, what should I make first?! What are your favourites? Bear in mind that I have no food processor/blender/any kind of mixing device apart from spoons, forks, and my hands. But I'm prepared to buy any ingredients at all!

Thanks in advance for any tips!