February 1st, 2008

Thai salad

I had the dregs of an inadequately stirred jar of peanut butter staring at me. I poured in some rice vinegar, a bit of asian red chili sauce, some ginger, and sugar, and then shook it, scraped, and shook some more.

I pressed 1/4 block of tofu leftover from a scramble, cut it into little triangles, put it on a bed of lettuce, added a handful of shredded carrot and red cabbage, some chopped mint from the garden, and some "Just Roasted Garlic" for a bit of crunch, then drizzled it with the dressing. Oh, YUM!!!

Tofu Pies Help!

I am in desperate need of advice..I am planning on making two types of tofu pies, but i am pulling the recipe out of my head and could definitely use some help. I want to make a s'more vegan pie and a chocolate peanut butter one. I have the following:
-Jar of Peanut Butter
-Ricemellow Cream
-2 pkgs Silken Tofu (1 lb each)
-Agar flakes
-Vegan Graham cracker pie shell
-Vegan Chocolate wafer pie shell
-Vegan peanut butter wafer cookies (like oreos, but with pb filling and vanilla cookies..figured i could use this with the peanut butter chocolate pie)
-Vegan oreo wafer cookies
-Roughly 18 oz chocolate chips

I also have hemp milk, soymilk, vanilla, canola oil, molasses, baking powder..

Basically, I am a college student stuck in a dorm and this is what I complied, haha. I was figuring I could somehow flavor the tofu, add agar so it will gelatinize..any advice, or is this a hopeless case?

sugar cookie egg replacers - YES, I CHECKED THE TAGS FIRST

i want to make this recipe   http://community.livejournal.com/vegancooking/2209256.html for valentines day but none of the stores around me sell egg replacer. i don't want to use apple sauce or bananas as i want to get the sugar cookie flavor.
i also don't want to use anything with vinegar as i read things with that need to be baked immediately and i wanna make them into shapes for valentines day once the dough is formed.
anyone have any tips for something without an overwhelming flavor? i don't REALLY wanna spring for arrowroot or flax or anything, if i don't have to.
i heard of using baking powder or baking soda before but didn't know what else or how it went really. and also, the above recipe ALREADY calls for baking powder so would this make it come out weird?

any ideas?
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