February 9th, 2008


Next week's dinners

Next week's dinners:

Sweet potato gratin
Red Beans and Rice
Roasted root veggies and chickpea cutlets
Goddess pasta
Sauteed garlicky kale with quinoa and tahini dressing
Beans and squash w/corn tortillas, avocado and salsa
Tofu "fish" sticks and sweet potato fries

What are you eating this week?


i've recently been into making bbq pork-like sandwiches using baby jackfruit cooked for a long time. they serve it at this restaurant in la and since i've moved to the east bay, its one of the few things i miss.

it looks something like this:

i've got it pretty close, but there's something missing. anybody else make whacky jackfruit meat and wanna trade recipes?
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vegan cooking challenge!!!

Hello friends,
My name is Pam and I'm new to this community (hulloo) and I've got a challenge for the most crafty vegan cook.

I'm currently living and teaching in Seoul, South Korea. If you're familiar with asian apartments, you know that I don't have an oven, a toaster oven, a microwave... just a stove and a sink. That's it. 

And, since you're familiar with Asian apartments, you must be familiar with Asian supermarkets as well... limited ingredients, everything is rice-based (wheat flour and ingredients are difficult to get).

Let's add to this challenge my boyfriend, whom I love dearly with all my heart. We have opposite tastes. While I've been a vegan for a long time and like the bitter and spicy tastes that accompany most vegetably dishes, the love of my life, Ben, is a british bloke with a bland palette. Burgers, fries, burgers, chili fries, and burgers are his favoritie foods. 

1. We are trying to be more healthy and cook a bit more at home, and 2. I'd like to make him a spectacular valentine's day dinner. I've been trying to find fun recipes online, but many of them call for ingredients that are difficult to find here. Also, many call for an oven.

Does anyone have an idea for a healthy yet tasty Valentine's day appetizer, main course, or dessert that doesn't require an oven and appeals to a Westernized palette? The less ingredients/ more simple, the better. Remember, even things like Spagetti are hard to find here. 

Any help you provide would be so appreciated!!! It's been a long time since I've cooked. xoxo pam 


peta's website gave me an idea and told me pudding mix was vegan so yesterday i picked up some of that and a store bought, chocolate graham cracker crust.
the directions on the pudding mix said that using any milk other than whole would make it a bit soup-y than usual and it was right.
we mixed cherries (they were on sale!) in with the pudding and then popped the whole thing in the freezer for a few minutes to get it to firm up and it worked out well.
this wasn't really home made but it was super cheap, super quick to make, and super easy.

there are no pictures because it was also super delicious and didn't last long.
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