February 15th, 2008


First time brussels sprouter

I bought some brussels sprouts today. Have never tried/cooked them before. I looked around online, and thought these recipes looked good: http://shmooedfood.blogspot.com/2005/12/best-brussels-sprouts.html
However, I don't have any apple cider or apple cider vinegar. Do you reckon I could successfully sub in something else? Like balsamic vingar or Apple schnapps/port/beer/whatever?

VCTOTW... and my wedding

Hello! I'm planning on making btwn 100 and 150 cupcakes for my wedding (well, me, my mom, and my mom's baker friend). I do plan on making small batches of cupcakes I think I'd like to use just to test before the wedding actually comes around (we will probably keep flavors simple, chocolate and vanilla), but a question comes to mind.
We'll be making these Friday, and the wedding is on Saturday. How are we to store that many cupcakes without them going hard or condensing on us? (I say condensing simply because I've had a couple vegan muffin recipes do that to me overnight. They go from light and fluffy to dense and sucking all the moisture from your mouth).
My family is omni so I'd really like these cupcakes to work out. Plus, they're our cake.

So, storage suggestions?

Also, what are your favorite recipes from VCTOTW?

Out of the Ordinary Sandwiches

I just ate a sandwich constructed as follows:

Romain lettuce, with
strips of bell peppers, on
a toasted blueberry bagel
with a light spread of
Adam's Natural Peanut Butter,

While eating it, I realized that most other people I know would think it a bit odd. It was, however, rather good.

Does anyone else have a really bizarre sandwich that they enjoy? An experiment or urge that ended up being a keeper?

Vegan Nachos

Hey everyone.  I'm wondering if you can help me out here.  I am going to be having a movie night tomorrow (the topic: Cult movies we haven't seen) and I remember seeing a post recently with some glorious looking vegan nachos.  I would LOVE to make these, but despite my best searching efforts, can not find it for the life of me (I seem to be having a lot of trouble with that today).  Soooo, please help a girl out!

Also, if you have any good party food ideas aside from the usual (I might be makin' some cupcakes too) please feel free to offer some advice.

Thanks in advance!