February 28th, 2008

Large food for many people

Hey, all!
I need a quick fix -- I'll look through the memories as well, but wanted to throw this out for you.

I'm going to an event this weekend that has a revolving potluck, and I'm responsible for a main dish for 25-30 people.  I have no idea what to make!  Only one other person is vegan, and the two of us are the only non-meat-eaters in the group, so it needs to be something that won't send the omni's running for the hills.

To make matters slightly more complicated, I'm having a minor surgery today, and am not sure how I'll be feeling tomorrow/Saturday morning, so I need to find something relatively simple to make.  I'll also be carrying it on the bus (there' s some possibility that I may be able to find a ride for it, but I don't want to count on it). 

There is a hot plate available if some part of it needs to be reheated. 

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Does any one have any tried and successful vegan naan recipes?
The recipe on ppk has reviews that describe it more like flat bread, and I'd really like something that resembles actual naan (as much as is possible).


Korean Icecream/pastry type thing

Hello all,
A few years ago, I was eating at a Korean restaurant and for dessert they had these little ice cream dishes that were covered in a sort of pastry shell. Imagine an ice cream dumpling, but with a more desert-like shell. I have no idea what these are called, and if anyone could tell me.. I'd like to try to make a vegan version (Or, if anyone already has a vegan recipe for these.. that'd be great!)