March 1st, 2008


Meal planning for 3/2-3/9

My omni mom is here for the week, so the meal plan is tailored to her tastes. She'll tolerate lacto-ovo-veg for a week, so I try to pick stuff that she can add cheese to, and that the rest of us can eat  vegan. Saves the joy of making 3-4 seperate meals, which has been known to happen when she visits.

Lentil-nut shepherd's pie with broccoli
V'con Chickpea cutlets (with Apricot "honey" mustard sauce--using homemade apricot jam that didn't set as a honey replacement.) oven roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus
Gardenburgers and Sweet Potato oven fries*
Oven baked lentils, rice, and garlicky kale
Tofu "Fish" Sticks, Sweet Potato fries and Salad
Apple pancakes with  "sausage"
Minestrone soup with bread

*Someone was asking how I make these. I never got around to replying to the comment. Oven at 375, peel and slice sweet potatos into thick fry shapes. Toss with several cloves of minced garlic, some chipotle powder, salt, pepper and about 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes. 

Anything interesting on your menu this week? 

what is your favorite vegan food blog?

i found what i thought would be my answer in the memories but not nearly as much..

please contribute! i post on here sometimes, and visit this community everyday but i'm not actually vegan! my best friends are, so i try to feed them when i can haha..and i love eating vegan! i just recently found out i have a small dairy allergy so i may be leaning towards becoming a full on vegan (vegetarian right now) pretty soon. I love cooking and baking so any cool blogs would be great! I love cookbooks too but i'm moving soon so i won't be buying any until after that.

thanks in advance!
got it memorized?, fire

Searching for a pudding recipe

Hello. I am searching for a recipe I could swear I read in a recipe book. It was for banana-coconut pudding, and the ingredients were bananas, coconut milk, cardamom, possibly soft tofu. I know there are similar recipes in the archives, but I could swear I read this one in a recipe book of mine. But I have looked in HIAV, GOV, and LDV, and can't find it. Does it ring any bells with what book this is from? Thank you.