March 12th, 2008

Ice Cream? For Breakfast?

Well it's not cooked, but summer is coming, and it is vegan!
Last night I really wanted ice cream. So I threw some bananas in the freezer overnight, and made ice cream for breakfast instead (hey it's my birthday, why not)
This is really simple and really easy to add to, but most importantly, it actually has the consistency of ice cream! How exciting.
The amounts are relative, but the basics are:

For 2-3 bowl servings or 1-2 milkshake servings

- 2 ripe bananas, frozen (peel them first! otherwise you will have some very cold fingers!)
- agave nectar (or any other sweetener you prefer)
- 1-2 T cocoa or carob powder
- your favorite type of "milk" (I used hazelnut)

chop up the frozen bananas a bit and add the cocoa powder and sweetener to the blender, add a little bit of chosen milk and blend. The consistency depends on how much liquid you add, mine came out like soft serve, but you can add more liquid to make it more like a milkshake. Feel free to add anything you like to it, the bananas just make for an excellent base!
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lentil question and informational website

hey everyone! i'm planning a 3 month road trip this spring, and i'll be cooking most of my own food on a coleman propane stove. i've done this before, so i have a lot of good ideas on what to make, but before i always used canned beans and that gets heavy to haul around. the problem with dried beans is that they take a long time to cook, even if they're soaked, and that uses up propane very fast. so, i was wondering about lentils... i know normally you don't soak them, but if you did would it greatly cut down on cooking time? has anyone done this?

unrelated, but i also wanted to share this website i discovered today... it lists fruits and veggies in order of how much pesticides are found in them... good for knowing when to buy organic when you're on a budget.

no-cream cheese frosting?

yesterday i was making snickerdoodles, and added a few teaspoons of AVC to the dough to help it rise, and of course i was eating the dough, and realized it tasted very much like cream-cheese frosting. it would probably have close to the same texture too if i used frosting sugar. mmm, needless to say, i think i ate more dough than i made into cookies! :)
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Lettuce Wraps - Recipe Ideas/Suggestions/Help

My team is having a "snack day" potluck on Monday. And because it's St. Patrick's Day, everything's supposed to be green. People have already signed up for the obvious things - guacamole, spinach dip, etc. - which has me left wondering what I can bring. First, I thought about making dolmades, but I don't have the time this weekend to prepare them. So, I thought about doing Asian lettuce wraps, which would not only be a little different, it would also be something protein-y so I don't have to bring along a lunch.

However, I've never made lettuce wraps. I've only eaten them once at PF Chang's, but I can't think they'd be too difficult to make. And with some beautiful crisp butter lettuce, green onions, cilantro and mint, it certainly fits the bill. And while I know about what goes into it, I was hoping someone might have a tried-and-true recipe. Or maybe some helpful suggestions?

You guys are amazing and awesome. This community is such a blessing!
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meatless jerky

Hi all! I am going to make vegan jerky this weekend, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to use as the "meat."
I'll be using an old family recipe for the marinade, but I can't decided whether to use tempeh or tofu. I have a dehydrator, and I know tofu would only take about 7 hours to dry, my question is do any of you know how long tempeh would take? Have any of you ever made meatless jerky? Any tips would be great! Thanks :D

Pangea-themed foods?

Every year, my school holds mock-Olympic games between advisory groups.  Each team chooses a nation (the term is used loosely- past choices have included the island from Lost and various imaginary dictatorships), and this year my advisory is reppin' Pangea (the super-continent, not the vegan store). 

Each advisee has to bring in a food dish which has some cultural tie-in to their respective nation, and I'm stumped for ideas.  Does anyone have some creative, prehistoric-themed food ideas? 
Course does not matter (breakfast, lunch, dessert, etc), but I'm sharing with non-veg advisees, so omni-friendly is a plus. 
I'll only need enough for 5-10 other people, and have both a refrigerator and microwave available on the day of for serving purposes.

Thanks in advance!