March 22nd, 2008

Lemon Curd

Has anyone ever tried to make vegan lemon curd? How did it turn out?

I got some Meyer lemons at the store and attempted to make some lemon curd yesterday. I just used a recipe I downloaded off of the internet and replaced the butter with vegan margarine and ener-g egg replacer for the eggs. It is a good substitute, but not perfect. (I was thinking of adding some agar to make it less runny) I would love any input anyone has if they have tried to make this or even just suggestions on what you think might improve it?

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Vitamix Dry Pitcher Frustration

Hello! I recently got a new variable speed Vitamix with the dry pitcher, and I'm trying to grind some dry hot cereal out of organic brown rice so that I'll save money over buying it pre-ground from the store. I'm trying to make it about the grain size of coarse polenta, but regardless of what speed I use, it's either too fine, turning it to flour, or too coarse, just barely chopping up the grains of rice to half or three quarter size. I'm not even using it on the eight setting!

What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to get this to a hot cereal grain size??

Questions for people in the Ft. Worth area

I stay in Haltom City, Tx. which is just north of Ft. Worth. I have some questions for people familiar with the area.

First, where do you typically shop for groceries and such. I like to buy a lot of bulk goods (flours, spices grains ect), and have been going to Whole Foods. It's in Arlington, which isn't too terribly far, but many things are more expensive here. Central Market is farther away from where I am than Whole Foods but I do go there when I can or when I need books too!

Second, I am in need of fun baking supplies. I just got VCTOTW and I want to play! Are there any shops in the Ft. Worth area that sell cooking gadgets and baking supplies? At home (Wichita Ks.) we have a bunch of cool stores and I can't for the life of me find one in Ft. Worth via google. I am not totally into restaurant supply stores cause I have a weird thing about them and I feel strange going in them. I think I am just strange. Of course I also can't really figure out where one of those that is open to the public is!

Last, farmers markets?

AAANNNDDD that's all!

Thanks a bunch.

By the way, as of this summer this will be where I "live" when I am not on the road driving so yay! I will miss being close to Austin but se la vie!

Sushi fillings

I'm having a friend over tommorrow and we're planning to attempt making our own sushi rolls.
Problem is, we don't really know what to put in them.

What are some fillings you would suggest?

Also, I have a lot of tofu in the fridge.... What can I do to it before putting it in sushi? I imagine just plain tofu in sushi would be quite boring...