March 23rd, 2008

  • iswari

Baking question

I was prepping some hamantaschen dough for baking in the morning and, due to someone's miscopying the recipe (not me!), I didn't realize until the end that I'd left out the baking powder. I quickly kneaded it into the dough at the end, but I'm not sure if I should bother trying to bake it or if I should just toss it. I would have tossed it immediately, except that I'm out of it's this or nothing. Any clue if this could work or will it definitely be a disaster? Thanks.


Me and my friend tried to make sushi for lunch today.
I posted last night asking for filling ideas.

We ended up doing:

-Mashed sweet potato with chilli flakes and red capsicum.

-Corn, brocolli and soy sauce.

-Avocado, cucumber and soy sauce.

-Tofu fried in sesame oil and soy sauce with wasabi. 
Wasabi made our brains explode.

he sushi tasted delicious...
But we kinda failed at rolling it.
A couple turned out okay... But most of them, the fillings were falling out the ends or the whole thing was unrolling...

And we don't have any photos coz I fail with a camera and the photos are all blury. But it's okay coz it didn't look very good anyway XD

Thanks everyone who suggested something last night XD

Tofu Confusion

Ahhh, I know there are entries about this in the memories, but I'm still so confused, and I keep getting different responses when I ask message boards...

so I bought some firm tofu today. I'm a bit confused about the process of storing it and serving it...I know youre suppose to drain it, press it, and freeze it..but in what order are you suppose to do that? And then I heard that youre suppose to put it in water and store it in the fridge, but why would you store it in water after draining and pressing it?? And if you put it in the freezer, do you just wrap it in plastic wrap? Hopefully someone can clear up my confusion! thanks in advance

Sugar sugar sugar sweet treat

I don't know if you have chocolate crackles in america or the UK, but in australia they are the stuff of childhood birthday party nostalgia. They are unbelievably quick and easy to make, they taste brilliant (due to being basically sugar and fat) and are completely vegan!

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I don't have any pictures, sorry, because by the time i thought to take some they were all gone. But they look a little something like this

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Zombie Day!

So I actually cooked for the first time in about forever. I made the lentil loaf from and the mashed potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea gravy from Vegan with a Vengeance. I also had some mixed veggies! I did the loaf in mini loaf pans. Makes it easy for me to portion myself.
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Then I made cupcakes! I used the Basic Chocolate recipe and Vegan butter cream frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. But I used the Strawberry Tall cakes variation for the Vanilla cupcakes. I like chocolate and strawberries together and wow are these and amazing combo!
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So now I am going to put myself into a sugar induced coma. :D And since no one will try anything I make they are all mine.

HAHA! Victory is mine! The ten year old got ahold of a whole cupcake and ate it and bugged the hell out of the adults til they caved. Now they are picking out recipes to try next time. MWAHAHA! VEGAN CUPCAKES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!