April 7th, 2008


Fresh coconut milk

I bought a fresh coconut and don't want any of the coconut milk to go to waste and rather not drink it all plain. I'm hoping you can recommend some healthy recipes that will put it to good use (low-fat recipes and preferably not desserts unless it's a fruit salad-type thing). Thanks a bunch in advance!
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Fave Spring Recipe?

Allright folks...Spring is finally here, and I'm feeling really inspired to get in the kitchen. I'm also hoping to try a host of differant foods as well, so I wanted to ask you all what your fave spring recipes are. There's only one twist...I hate tomatoes. Ugh. Tomato sauce is ok...so long as there isn't any tomato chunks in it. I don't know what it is...I've just always hated them. I will pretty much eat any other veggie though, as well as all grains and what not. Special thanks if your recipe can be made in bulk and then frozen so I have some left-overs for awhile.