April 8th, 2008

  • vecca

vegan cream cheese ricotta

I just found vegan cream cheese out where I live.  I want to use it to make ricotta for spinach and mushroom lasagna.  But I used up all my tofu making a scramble yesterday, and the only directions I've seen are from this earlier thread where someone suggested mashing tofu with vegan cream cheese to make the ricotta.

I don't have the car today, so... should I wait until I can get to the store, or has anyone used cream cheese as ricotta without the tofu? Any tips?


birthday dinners!

greetings! i was hoping you guys could make some suggestions as to what i can make for this guy's bday!

problem: he's not vegan. or vegetarian. he likes seafood. and im not making seafood.

so i was curious if you guys had any recipes that non-vegans swoon over. because i like this boy and want to impress him! 

and any ideas on a classy presentation? like what i can decorate the plates with, if i can arrange the food in a certain way, etc.

thanks a lot everyone!
Wynken & Sabine
  • wynken

good soup?

I've never actually made a homemade soup before. We always just eat canned soup. I think my hesitation to make my own comes from not knowing if it will be really bland or not. Does anyone have any 'tried and true' recipes for soup that is really good? I don't even care what kind- it could even be a stew and not a soup. I'd like to make a weeks worth to bring to lunches at work with me.