April 16th, 2008

  • iswari

Lieber's Jel?

Has anyone tried either the flavored varieties or the unflavored one for use in baking?

(It's vegan, but I wonder if the carrageenan, etc., hold up in the same way.)

Salty/savory dips and/or spreads?

Hi there. Long story short: a friend and I are catching up by celebrating Russian Lent and Easter together this weekend. Tradition calls for eating a variety of smoked herring and red caviar on pancakes.

I would like suggestions on salty/savory dips and spreads that can take the place of the fishy elements. I'm already planning on making an eggplant "caviar" but I'm kinda stumped on what sort of salty thing could be made. Texture is not an issue, but savory and/or salty is key.

Bonus points if it's really easy to make 'cause I'm not too awesome in the kitchen. :(

(FYI, we're also making potato piroski and I spent like THREE HOURS making pelmeni out of those vegan meatballs from Trader Joe's.)

Thanks for your help!
  • nspd

Applesauce as an egg substitute

Hi, everyone. I apologize if this is a rather basic question, but I'm new to the world of vegan baking and still figuring these things out. I've seen it said that applesauce can replace an egg or two in a recipe. I've tried it myself in a cake and in brownies, and both times they turned out good enough, but rather dry and chewy. Both were thick and the brownies didn't really... puff up the way I've come to expect. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a better substitute that I could be using?

Thanks in advance!

vegan community dinners - vegan potlucks

I've noticed a trend in my town lately of an explosion of vegan community dinners and vegan potlucks (we've been having a weekly vegan potluck before the critical mass bike ride for a while now, and it's starting to branch off to new weekly dinners...) and i'm just really curious if this is happening in other places and if any of you are involved?
i for one think it is a great way to bring together the vegan community and also get non-vegans turned on to the possibilities of vegan based dinners. we have kids of all diets coming to the potluck and bringing more than just day-old baguette! it's so exciting!
i just think its a really beautiful thing and im excited to see more of it happening. if you haven't hosted one yet, or attended one, you should get it started. it's pretty rad.

also, if you have any good VEGAN RAW GAZPACHO recipes, i'm in search of a new one that doesn't use v8 or refined sugar and compensates for the lack of sweet. would agave make it too liquidy? would the organic raw sugar be sweet enough? the recipe i was using before was from my old roommates grandma and bless her, it was good, but i'm looking for something new.

thanks friends!

Vegan German Potato Soup


This wonderful and hearty soup is a variation on my Grandmother's Old World potato soup recipe. Passed on through many generations, I’m very happy to put my own spin on this traditional meal. Paired with some good German rye bread, and this is some hearty eatin’!

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