April 20th, 2008

Spicing up chili

We're having company over (they're both meat-eaters), so I was going to make some chili, but I always feel like my chili is so boring. I basically do some kind of veggie ground beef, red/green peppers, black beans, corn, onions, and crushed tomatoes...maybe a jalapeno or crushed red pepper. Do you guys use any secret ingredients that make chili a little more interesting? Not necessarily spicier, but just a little more unique?
I hate the phone.

Spice Grinders

My husband has absconded with the coffee grinder that I use to grind spices. It's fine, because it was the cuisinart model with a big bowl, and it didn't work well for small amounts of spices. This means I am in the market for a new grinder, and I'm wondering if there's a better one for my needs. I'd be willing to spend up to $30 for a good model - is there a specific coffee grinder that will work well for spices, or perhaps a grinder made specifically for spices that will be fast and efficient? I see things like this and this but don't know much about them as far as how well they work. plus the whole battery thing is kid of a buzzkill.

Pepper Steak

Hello all!
My boyfriend has been requesting Pepper Steak. He had it once, when he was in L.A., and he loved it. I looked around a bit on the web, and found very little.

Do you have a Pepper Steak recipe that you love?
I'd much rather use a recipe that has been approved by someone in the vegancooking community, than try a random one from the net.


Baking emergency -- bubbly (lemon gem) cupcake batter!

So it seems I only really post here when I'm having baking problems, but alas.

I am making lemon gem cupcakes, but as soon as I added the dry to the wet (the culprit in which, I assume, is the 1/4 c. fresh lemon juice) there was a bit of bubbling action. More than with usual batters. I know baking is chemistry and everything, but I'm a teensy bit worried (there for an important academic function tomorrow!). The batter tastes okay, if not somewhat tart from the lemon (as expected).

I ate a ton so I guess if they're fatal, I'll find out soon, but are these not okay to serve? Is this normal? Man, I'm really the worst at baking. Thanks for your help!