April 21st, 2008


Curried Beet Salad

This weekend I had the pleasure of an accidentally vegan dining experience.

One of the things i was served was a Cold Curried Beet Salad. The beets were golden and the curry sauce that was on them definitely had soy yogurt in it. I cannot duplicate the taste; after two fails last night; I need help.
Does anyone have a good recipe for Golden Curried Beet Salad? Again, this is a cold dish. Bonus points if you've tried your recipe out and you're not just sending me to a site with a recipe you've never tried.

Thanks :)
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rosemary butter beans with rice, and a question

this is seriously the most delicious and simple thing ever. with rosemary and butter beans and a nice healthy dose of olive oil, how could it be anything but delightful?

butter beans
olive oil
veggie broth - try to use one with a delicate flavor, or water down a strong one

boil your butter beans and start cooking your rice in the broth (rather than water). then sautee the cooked beans with rosemary, a good bit of olive oil, and garlic. the beans are done when the oil has gotten cloudy and the beans offer almost no resistance to the tines of a fork. hopefully you (or your rice cooker) will know when the rice is done. spoon the beans over the rice, and if it's too dry add some of the cooking oil from the beans.

this shit is amazing.

PS, thanks super mod supercarrot for helping me find my recipe!

Wild Mushroom and Pine Nut Filo Baskets

Hey Guys!

I just made this recipe for dinner tonight and thought i'd share it.  I had to use this using shitake mushrooms as i couldnt find any oyster mushrooms at the supermarket today.  My dad got home from work as i was serving it and was like "it isnt vegan is it?!?!" i said yes it was, but to his surprise he loved it, polished off his serving and finished what i didnt eat.

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