April 22nd, 2008

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Bit-O-Honey was always one of my favorite candies as a kid, but I hadn't thought about them in years. For some reason, though, I've been craving them recently and decided to try to make a vegan version. I found this recipe, which was simple and easily veganized. However, the peanut butter part just sounded wrong. I definitely did not remember a peanut butter taste in the original. So I looked up the ingredients list of the original and found that they actually contain almonds. This recipe still needs a bit of work, but I thought I'd post it and maybe gets some suggestions on improving it.

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They're not nearly as chewy as they should be and the flavor is not quite right, but it's pretty close. Though I haven't had Bit-O-Honey in years, these seem like a pretty good approximation to me (flavor-wise).
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Vegan Custard tarts

So I picked up a packet of vegan custard powder and it's been sitting in my cupboard for a few weeks now. I'm going to make some Jam tarts today, and decided to just double the batter for the casing, and make some custard tarts to go with!

Now.. what will I need to do with the custard to make it set like a *real* custard tart? Or am I doomed to have gooey custard tarts because of the lack of egg? 

Does anyone have a recipe for vegan custard tarts? I really would like a nice firm custard tart that has that oh-so yummy toothy jelly-like consistency.

Is it possible?!

Help! :D

K 4 P nut cheese recipes?

I am happily embracing the challenge of keeping it kosher for passover (ashkenazi, so no legumes!) this year. And thanks to this community for pointing me towards recipes which make it all much easier!

One thing I've really been craving is some kind of fake cheese to eat with different spreads and tapanades on matzoh. It could be a block cheese or a spread. I'm thinking there must be something nut-based that I could do, but everything i'm finding requires stuff I can't use and I'm a little hesitant to experiment as my nut-based fake cheese experience is kinda limited.

Do any of you have a recipe? You'll be my hero.

Happy Pesach!