May 8th, 2008


Smoked Cheeze? Salt and Vinegar Chips

Back in my veggie days I used to down some serious amount of smoked swiss and cheddar cheese that I ate with crackers. My body has been seriously craving this comfort food for the first time in 6 years.

I do have the ultimate uncheese cookbook but I haven't ever used it and it's 150 miles away til the end of the month (Why did I forget to pack my darn cookbooks) so I don't know if there is a smoked cheeze type recipe. If yes - which one would work for my cheese and cracker fix. I may be able to call the former roommie tonight to get her to read it to me.

I saw this post and I wondered if I could use it for a smoked cheeze. I like the idea of cashew cheese but it's really that smoked flavor I want. I also really want something that gets pretty firm and the only vegan cheese I have ever tried to make came out kinda, jello-y. It creeped me out.

Both a google search and some poking at different blogs I frequent didn't really give me a lot to work with.

I also really want salt and vinegar chips (crisps). I have potatoes out the yin yang. But no chips. Can I make them myself and how would one go about doing it?

Mexican Hot Chocolate?

Hey everyone,

I made a trip to my favourite cafe today, and I decided to try one of the drinks I'd never tried before- Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate. I loved it so much that I'd love to make it at home. (But of course I would never ask what they put in their secret recipe! :)) I know it was a spice-based drink, dairy free and made by mixing a dry mix into hot water. I'm pretty sure there was no actual chocolate (semisweet or otherwise) in it, though there was cocoa.

If anyone has any recipes for Mexican Hot chocolate, I'd really love to see them! (I seem to remember hearing it had some kind of anise in it?)