May 11th, 2008

The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun

Cauldron marinated tofu

I love love love the Cauldron brand marinated tofu pieces, which is possibly my favourite vegan food in the world. Is there any way I can make it myself at home from regular tofu? They keep (apparently) threatening to discontinue it, and I'd like to still have it regardless of what Cauldron do.

I believe it's marinated in shoyu and brown sugar, but I know diddly about either tofu or marinades (I tend to stick to kidney beans and chick peas for my protein).
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how to feed a hungry omni...

I just had an omnivore roommate move in with my Vegan boyfriend and I. Now he's being pretty understanding and considerate. He appreciates that I find time to cook dinner almost every night and has agreed to throw in money for groceries every week. However, he eats like a garbage everything I buy is gone in 3 days! We spend 100/week for 3 people and it doesn't last at all.

So, I figure the best way to avoid having to split up food (which can lead to having more meat and dairy products in my cupboard) would be to cook more large meals which can be frozen and, lasanga, shepherds pie, baked beans, etc. BUT I can't think of any more haha. Does anyone have any simply veg recipes that can be made in bulk and will keep for a while????

Also - I hate confrontation  and don't want to start any arguements but I also find it DISGUSTING to clean cheese off of my table and chicken bones out of my trash. I find it particulary gross that my fridge stinks like bacon.  I really don't know how to approach this. I haven't lived with meat-eaters in 3 years. I think i'm going to bring him to the Farm Sanctuary in New york next month and possibly give him a wake up call. Gah!