May 12th, 2008

mother's day pancakes and french toast

healthiest ever pancakes
yields 4-6 pancakes
1 c whole wheat pastry flour
tbl baking powder
a little salt
1 banana
1 cup non-dairy milk
1 tsp vanilla
half a cup of blueberries (you can add other berries, nuts, cinnanmon, chocolate chips)

-combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl
--blend wet ingredients, and then mix with dry ingredients
-laddle on to heated skillet
-when bubbles form, flip. take off griddle when heated through.

french toast
batter: 1 cup non-dairy milk, tbl tahini, tbl nutitional yeast, tsp maple syrup, cinnamon to taste
-choose a thick slightly stale bread (i used whole wheat sourgdough, because i'm crazy for sourghdough!)
-dip slices in batter so completely covered
-cook french toast on each side until lightly browned

strawberry banana pancake topping
1/4 cup frozen strawberries , sliced
1 banana chopped
1 tbl maple syrup
-combine ingredient in sauce pan
-cook until strawberries have thawed and flavors have mingled.
(you could microwave this if you really wanted to)

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Thai Eggplant Soup

Does anyone have a recipe for soup using Thai eggplants? Today I bought some Thai eggplants and I'm looking for a recipe. I remember having some amazing soup at a Vietnamese restaurant (or maybe it was Cambodian? I'm pretty sure it was Vietnamese, though.) a few years ago which had Thai eggplants in it. Does anyone know of a similar recipe?

Bread makers!

Hello everyone!
Me and my friend are moving into together and we have decided to buy a bread maker. The only problem is, we're both mentally challenged and when we browse online we don't know which one to get because we don't actually know what specifications we want. Anything under £50 would be best.
I know a lot of people here bake so I was hoping you guys could post about what bread makers you have, and like the ups and down etc. Posting bread recipes for bread machines would also be awesome. Thanks alot!