May 21st, 2008


Cooking with Rice Yogurt

That lemon-raspberry yogurt poundcake turned out to be a fail pretty much; it's something only i will eat and to be honest, i'll only eat it because the ingredients cost so much and it took so long to make it, but it's really dense and too moist in the middle; despite that i baked it for NINETY minutes as opposed to the 60-65 recommended. At sixty minutes the inside of the cake was still liquid. The only thing i did different to the recipe was 1)i used rice yogurt instead of soy yogurt, 2) i added fresh raspberries at the very end, and 3) i used 1t lemon extract + 1 t lemon zest.

I can't imagine this would ruin the entire recipe, but does anyone have any experience using rice yogurt when cooking? personally i adore rice yogurt; the flavor is much better than soy, it's not overly sweet, and there's no after taste.

Kinda failed chocolate cupcakes from VwaV - Help!

I baked the Fauxstess Cupcakes from VwaV last week, recipe as follows.
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There were three problems:
1 They were kinda rubbery
2 I had to bake them much longer than the recipe states, because everytime I put my knitting needle in, it didn't come out clean
3 They're too dense

The only thing I changed was the agave nectar instead of maple syrup, but that can't be it, I think.
My theory: 1 is caused by 2, and 2 has something to do with 3. The baking powder is 2 months over its due date, so is prob less strong (I read entries here about that). Do you think this could have caused the cupcakes to not puff up as much as they should (3), hence not cook as easily (2) and that's why they were rubbery (1)? 
What do you guys think?