May 30th, 2008


strawberry shortcake, angelcake, cupcakes

Hi, I did check the fruits-strawberries archives but I did not see anything! I'm looking for a really good recipe for strawberries, agave nectar, cupcakes, or shortcake, or angelcake, something that will hold together if we have to travel in a car and bring to a party, I know there is vegan whip cream, but I do not know how it freezes and defrosts, anyone?

Thank you!
got it memorized?, fire

Silk-like homemade soymilk?

Hello. I use a Soyabella soymilk maker, and have tried different ways of sweetening the milk after it's done, like brown rice syrup and agave nectar. It's fine in coffee or cooking, but I don't love drinking it straight. So I was wondering, what would be a way to preparing the milk to get it closest to texture and taste to Silk? Something that would go perfectly with some lovely spelt flour chocolate chip cookies?

Thank you.