May 31st, 2008

Sea Slug Pimp

Mock Duck

I have been thinking about making my own seitan since its usually pretty expensive and I have to drive about 8 miles to the nearest co-op to buy it. I have looked through the tags at seitan and other mock meat recipes and have gotten some awesome ideas (the veggironi looks amazing!). When I go to thai or other asian restaurants, I always order mock duck because I love the flavor and texture a lot more than the other mock meats they have to offer. When I am making my own seitan, how can I get that same flavor and texture? Are there little mock duck tins I don't know about (for the bumpy skin effect)?

P.S. The mock duck probably won't be my first seitan venture, I'll probably do a really simple batch that won't really imitate much of anything.

Mock Duck Recipes

andystarr's post reminded me that I have several can's of mock duck in my cupboard. A friend had gifted them to me soon after I went veg. But as I had never really eaten duck when I was omni, I didn't know what to do with them and stuck them away.

I'm currently in the midst of a pantry clean up and would love some help on figuring out how to use up these cans of gluten duckiness.

Any recipes/ideas?

curry and chips

Several years ago I took a vacation to the UK and found myself in a whole different culinary universe. (one that I liked, actually) One thing in particular that stuck out was the use of curry sauce, particularly on chips(fries). Suffice to say, I ate a lot while I was there. I had nearly forgotten about them until a few days ago. I recently found a local pub that serves cask conditioned, hand pulled ales. (yes!!) The last time I was there, the gentleman sitting next to me ordered curry chips from the kitchen. The smell alone brought back so many memories, along with a strong urge to order myself a plate as well. Alas, I know better than that. I may have been plastered, but my veggie-sensors detected butter and animal stock in the curry, along with who-knows-what else.

Since then I have not been able to get them off my mind. They are haunting me.

Has anybody had this particular style of curry sauce before? It's not like a regular Indian or Japanese curry. I've spotted a few recipes online, but none seem to fit the bill. The closest I have come to is this, which seems to be lacking something. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I figured I'd ask here before I went ahead and made it.

EDIT: The above recipe turned out pretty good! Nearly the same, actually. I feel, however, that it could have been simplified. Next time I will try a "curry gravy" type of thing. It seems like an awful lot of work for something to just throw on top of chips! I had lots of leftover curry so I whipped up a quick lentil dal and the rest is history! Booyah!
Mabon flower

YRR Request (Mustard Crusted Seitan)

Exposition: Someone stole my copy of Yellow Rose Recipes (which I have every intention of replacing once I have the means) and I've been craving Mustard Crusted Seitan. I've tried Google Books and Google in general with no luck.

Could someone please post the recipe for the mustard crust (I like Joanna's seitan recipe, too, but I'll make do without it)?

Just to make this more interesting: What would you recommend making with this? My future brother-in-law (who is unenthusiastic at best about most veggie food) is coming over to visit tomorrow and I'd like to make something homey and not too "weird".

P.S. We just bought a deep fryer, too. Would this work or should I just stick with the frying pan?