June 11th, 2008

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vegan hot dogs?

There is a vegan hot dog stand in downtown orlando that i love. i want to start my own vegan hot dog stand in st. pete. but i want to get the hot dogs the vendor in orlando uses. they are big hot dogs, not like smart dogs or anything i have tried from the grocery.

any ideas?

Holy Peaches!

Today at work, a lady brought in BOXES of ripened peaches that fell from her tree. Not wanting to miss a beautiful situation, I took one of the boxes home. Now I have dozens of ripened (borderline overripe) peaches I have no idea what to do with.

I am thinking about freezing them, but am unsure how well they will do after they thaw. I'd like to make jams, smoothies, cobblers, etc. Would thawed out peaches work for all of these? If not, which ones?

Also, if you have a favorite peach recipe, please feel free to share.

Edit: Ugh, these Peaches are WAY ripe to the point I don't think they are going to last any longer unless I freeze them. I cut them in half and eliminated the pits, so any frozen peach ideas would be wonderful!

Vegan Fondue

So my brother got me this huge fondue set shortly before I went vegan, and I never got to use it. It's just sitting on my shelf making me feel wasteful. I really want to make a good "cheese" fondue, but all of the recipes I've found online have gotten really bad reviews. Has anyone tried this w/ success? Thanks!

Edit: Tried the "Golden Cheaze Sauce" recipe found here. It's actually quite similar to the sauce on my boxed "mac and chreeze". Verdict: Yummy, but better for satisfying a hummus-like craving rather than cheese. Will persevere and try next recipe...
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Cakes from VCTOW?

I'm looking to make an actual cake for my son's 2nd birthday. I'm looking for something that is like a traditional birthday cake, not a lot of the vegan cakes I've seen. Lots of the cupcakes in VCTOW would work flavor wise, but I'm curious about how it would rise when translated to a cake. Has anyone tried any of them and how did it work out? Or any good suggestions for a good kids birthday cake that isn't trying to be too healthy?

Kemsoy Soyaella and Easy Cook Omega Mix recipe ideas please

I've just bought some stuff from Kemsoy. I got some Soyaella. It has a savoury flavour and you can use it kind of like couscous, but I'd appreciate some different recipe ideas, I'd love to incorporate it into veggie burgers.

I also bought some of their Easy Cook Omega Mix, it has a lovely biscuity flavour and you can actually eat it as is with soya yoghurt and sweetener, also I've made it into a porridge with hot soya milk, and it comes with a recipe for these sweet bars I'll probably make when I've got the other ingredients. I'd appreciate some other recipe ideas, it could work as cake mix, what do you guys normally add to vegan cake mix?

Also has anyone else used their products? I'm excited that it's all healthy and vegan.
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I just received my first bento box in the mail. Reading up on meal ideas, I came across tiffins. *sigh* The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Neither Jennifer's post nor the original company's product page gives dimensions or volume.

Does anyone have a tiffin carrier or have a recommendation? Where would one find one suitable for a 2-person picnic?

Buying some cookbooks.

I'll be buying my first vegan cookbooks pretty soon and have been looking on Amazon and going through reviews including the tags in this community. I've narrowed it down to as little as possible (I want them all! haha) so basically I'm asking which one you would prefer:
- Veganomicon
- Vegan Planet
- I completely crazy and ____ is the best
Also I'm looking for baking books... I've already decided to get VCTOTW and would like to choose one other so which is your favorite?:
- My Sweet Vegan
- The Joy of Vegan Baking

Thanks :)
Wow lots of responses already :) thanks everyone