June 15th, 2008


Hemp Seed Oil...

I just bought some hemp oil in order to include more healthy fats in my diet. The problem is that I have no idea what to use it in! So far I have only used it a couple times in small amounts (about 1 tsp) in my green smoothies. Does anyone have some good recipes that call for hemp seed oil? Preferably one that does not call for an excessive amount (like the base of a dressing) seeing as I'm not trying to over do it here. Thank you!

Vegan Friendship Bread?

Is it possible to make "Friendship Bread" vegan? If so, anyone have recipes for the starter/bread? Summertime is such a great time for fermented recipes (am making sourdough bread and brewing kombucha now), and I would love to make some tasty friendship bread, and pass starters out to pals.