June 19th, 2008


VCTOtW cupcake and frosting recipe request

Please let me know if this post is inappropriate in any way...

A friend of mine is making vegan cupcakes for the first time and asked me for a simple vanilla and/or chocolate recipe/s, including frosting. "No problem," I said,"Let me just grab Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and I'll type up and email you...zomg I loaned it to a friend last week!!!"

Does anyone have the basic vanilla or chocolate recipes and/or ganache or buttercream recipes typed up and accessible on the internet? I can't seem to find them on theppk.com, and I want to give her a recipe that is simple and that I can personally vouch for. I didn't see any of these when I look at cupcake recipes in the tags.

Thanks so much!

substitution questions

I tried searching but couldn't find answers. :(

I've heard that you can substitute apple sauce for oil, can you do this for margarine as well? Or say I just don't have margarine, can I use oil instead? For cookies.

Also if a recipe calls for almond meal or almond flour, 1/4 cup of it.... would it be ok to just use a grinder and grind up some almonds for muffins?

Thanks in advance for the help.
tiny little super guy


Does anyone have a favorite posole recipe to share? I want to make some for a Mexican-themed potluck, but I've never made it before and would love to hear about a tried and true recipe.

The most promising recipe I've found so far is this one.

Favorite recipes from Veganomicon and the Uncheese Cookbook?

Hello all,

I just got Veganomicon and the Uncheese Cookbook and am overwhelmed with choices! What are your favorite tried-and-true recipes from these cookbooks? I've done the chickpea cutlets, but anything else...I was thinking about making the Cheeze Queso and Grilled Cheeze sandwiches from the Uncheese Cookbook, thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

refrigerating tofu

i'm making tofu for the first time tomorrow, but since i have to press it and that takes a while i'm doing that process now. can i stick the pressed tofu in the fridge and use it up tomorrow? won't come out funny, no need to re-press, or do anything fancy to it, etc.?

sry if this post is a bit naive but i'm new to tofu.