June 21st, 2008

lunch break

Madeleines and Tiramisu

I am planning a surprise pic nic for my friends and I am working on the perfect menu. I have recently bought a cute little book with 40+ madelaine recipes and would like to make some for the pic nic. The only problem is that the book is for non-vegans, so I need to find a way to veganize my madelaines.

The basic recipe that calls for:
3 eggs
130 g of butter
150g sugar
1 tsp of chemical yeast

What would you substitue these ingredients with? I know I could use soy or rice butter, but I am not sure what to substitue the eggs with. The madeleaines need to be fluffy, so I am not sure if a simple egg replacer mix will do. And what is a good substitue for chemical yeast/yeast in general?

I am also thinking of making tiramisu, but a more creative variation (like a raspeberry one) What are your favorite tiramisu recipes?

Thank in advance- I promise I will post some nice madelaine recipes soon!