June 22nd, 2008

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Vegan Bubble Teas

Hello! I've checked the memories but haven't solved my query yet.

Components of Bubble Tea:

**1. Flavor: Flavored powder, flavored syrup, fruit purees or fresh fruit
2. Creamer: soy milk, almond milk, rice milk
3. Sweetener: Sugar, simple sugar syrup, fructose
4. Liquid: Water, tea or vegan milks

** This is the part I have a question about

I work at a vegan cafe (yay!) and we are looking to add Vegan Bubble Tea to our menu. I am in charge of spearheading the effort but I am finding conflicting information about milk or lactose used in Bubble Tea Powder and was wondering if anyone could suggest specific brands or flavors that they know to be vegan.

Also, if you want to recommend flavors I am all ears. Thanks in advance!

chia seeds/sprouts

do any of you have experience with chia? it's supposed to be really good for you. a good source of omega 3's.

it looks like mountain rose herbs has 1 lb for $9.50

(do any of you know of a better source?)

and other than using it in ways similar to flax, what do you do with it? i'm going to sprout some and see how those taste too. it's salvia hispanica, so i'm assuming they'll taste somewhat like sage. (am i right?)