June 25th, 2008

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Amazing Chili Recipe that is just to great not to share

This is my second time making this stuff and i am so in love with this recipe. I got it from http://drmcdougall.com and found it while looking into what Dr. McDougall is all about.

This is fat free, vegan, cheap and easy!! Though it DOES take a while and it looks like a long list of stuff. These spices are proly on hand in most vegan kitchens and to save a buck i buy the canned tomatoes with the chilies already in them. Not sure if it is actually cheaper...but it works :)

This makes a TON of the stuff....but it is sooooooo good, you'll be eating lots of it ;)

Don't let the time and list fool you like i did for a long time. THIS IS SO WORTH IT!!!

I would include pics, but black bean chili is not very photogenic and doesn't look pretty.

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The meal plan on there actually has quite a few tasty sounding ideas i have been meaning to explore too. Arranged by meal and a little easier to browse the menus then Fat Free Vegan, but not NEARLY as many recipes on the McDougall site.
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Thanks Tina!

Freezing Quiche

Has anyone had experience freezing the Asparagus Quiche with tomatoes and tarragon from Veganomicon? I have leftovers, and don't want them to go to waste, so I'd like to freeze some for later. It seems like everything in it could make it through freezing and reheating, but I'm not sure. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!