June 26th, 2008

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two questions: soy milk replacement & tofu "wings"

Hi vegan cookers!!

I have two questions (as my clever little subject line mentioned!) about two things I'd like to make for my upcoming vegan BBQ. Here goes...

1) I found a recipe for Hot Artichoke Dip in V Cuisine: The Art of New Vegan Cooking that sounds delicious. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of unsweetened soy milk. I've been trying to cut back on soy when possible, so my question is- which would be a good replacement milk? I was thinking that unsweetened hemp milk might be the best, only because I don't know how almond milk would work with the recipe at hand. Thoughts?

2) Also, my best friend is an omnivore who is absolutely head over heels in love with tofu hot wings. All the recipes I've found seem so complicated- there HAS to be an easier way! I was wondering, would this plan work: buy a block of tofu and do all the draining prep, cut the tofu block into "wing" chunks, bake it, cover it in a hot wing sauce concoction, and then bake it again? Would that work? If so, I've never baked tofu before- what oven temperature is recommended? Length of time?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!