July 3rd, 2008


food for travelling/road trip

My friend is moving from Georgia to Washington state, taking a road trip that will last about a week and a half. He will be doing a lot of camping along the way. I want to make him some food to bring, preferrably something that can be cooked over a fire and can be kept unrefrigerated in a jar or plastic baggie. He doesn't eat any processed food, so I definitely don't want to get him Clif bars, Primal Strips, or anything like that. Ideas, please?

Making your own soy milk powder?

This question is probably a little bizarre, but I'm curious both for reasons practical (originally) and now also hypothetical. I am going to be backpacking in Central America for a few weeks later this month and I want to bring soy milk powder so that I can keep my pack light but have soy milk available for breakfast and stuff. I know that I can buy the Better than Soy, assuming that I can find it in my town, but I came up with a theory after noticing that Silk Light is made primarily from soy flour and water rather than whole soy beans.

Is it possible, if I could come up with the correct measurements (or if anyone has suggestions?) to put together soy flour, some evaporated cane juice, and maybe some b12 in powder form, that I could just add water and make a decent soy milk on the go?

Thanks for your help everyone!