July 8th, 2008

baking flour?

So what is your fave brand flours to bake with? I cannot seem to find white flour without additives (and I am not sure if those vitamins and minerals are vegan) so I get whole wheat. I know WW is good and all but sometimes when I bake it just tastes off, especially when you are trying to create some classic comfort food snacks. Like some cookies are A-OK with the WW flour but the cobblers I made while tasting good just had a earthy taste to them.

What is your fave classic chocolate chip cookie recipe? I am making a yellow cake tonight but want to make cookies tomorrow!

Fresh fruit

I love that it's summer and there's so much fresh, in-season fruit *everywhere*.

What I love the most is when there's a whole spread of food available, like at a potluck, and out of everything sampled, the fresh pineapple or watermelon or strawberries are the tastiest. Believe me, I'm a BIG fan of pies, cookies, cake, and sweets in general, but there is something absolutely perfect about fresh fruit. Even the most skilled chef in the world could never create anything as delicious as a ripe, red, juicy strawberry.

Does anyone else feel the same or have I just gone bananas? LOLALALLLLZLLZLOLZZZ.!@#$!.

Sorry for that.
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