July 10th, 2008

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australian vegan ideas?!

My younger brother is emigrating from the U.K to Australia in 5 weeks time (eek!) and we're having a bbq as his going away party-type-thing. Obviously I wish to provide many vegan delights for everyone to sample and I have a few in mind (stuffed tomatoes, pasta&chickpea salad and veggie kebabs) but I thought it would be nice to have something Australiany...I just don't know what? When I think of Australian food I think of meat and well, no.

Anyone any ideas? xx

the new york times chocolate chip cookie

Perfection? Hint: It’s Warm and Has a Secret
Published: July 9, 2008

SUGAR AND THE SEA A sprinkling of sea salt just before baking adds a distinctive dimension to chocolate chip cookies.

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anybody know if the valrhona fèves are vegan?
also, what's the point of using cake flour and bread flour together? that's seemingly pointless. wouldn't their gluten content just cancel each other out, thereby creating all-purpose flour?
who's up for the challenge? let's do this!
p.s. who knows how much salt difference there is between salted EB and unsalted butter?

i really liked them with flax! and so did everyone i gave them to. (including my carni dad)

the new york times cookie recipe (12 hour chill)

let's see if i remember what i did.

ok. so i used my scale whenever it mentioned weight instead of cups.

i used 17 oz of all purpose flour cause i didn't want to go through the trouble of measuring bread and cake flour (but i will do that next time just to see the differences)
1 tsp salt (none sprinkled on top)

i had 1 stick of earth balance in the fridge and figured i'd use that. what the hell. and i made up the difference with the tub stuff.

and when it was time to add the flax eggs, i just threw 2 tbsp ground flax into my mixer with the dough with 6 tbsp of water and just mixed it like that. (what the hell, right?)

and instead of the chocolate discs, i used chips. heh. i'll try discs some day, but i wanted to try the recipe out ASAP.

and i didn't bother making the 3.5 oz cookies. i just used my trusty purple disher that i use for all my cookies (7/8 oz capacity) and they came out perfectly fine.

baked 15 minutes for chewy with a nice crispy bottom, 18 minutes for crispy.

(haha, i changed this recipe so much. heh. but i'm really happy with it.)