July 12th, 2008

Christmas - Twinkle Trees

avocado suggestions!

Due to a change in menu plans for my vegan bbq tomorrow, I now have a RIDICULOUS amount of avocados hanging out in my fridge (I was going to make Basmati Stuffed Avocadoes, but I'm working tomorrow and I just don't have the time for anything too crazy).

I'll be using 6 of them for guacamole tomorrow...but that still leaves about 22. Yeah...I'm not kidding.

I need avocado suggestions! Favorite EASY recipes? Things I can put them in? Help this avocado lover out. My mom was so nice to buy me all of these avocados at Costco...so I have to use them! =)

An Excellent Black Bean Salad Recipe

I recently made this black bean salad, which was posted about a year ago, for dinner. I skipped the onion, but other than that, made no changes. It was amazing--do yourselves a favor, people, and try it! I served it with quinoa. My omni roomie just gobbled it up.

Here is the original post:

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ETA: Sorry for not using a cut before! I just figured out how!