July 14th, 2008

Feeling up Jemaine :D

bread machine recipe: buttermilk agave wheat!

I just noticed we don't have much in the way of bread machine recipes around here, so here's what I made tonight. This is based on the basic wheat recipe in the manual. It's meant as a sort of buttermilk honey wheat bread; it's a little sweet, so it's good with margarine and/or jam, but it'd work fine for savory uses too...pretty filling.

Beats the hell out of storebought crapola, works for busy people, and also provides an excuse to indulge one's fetish for kitchen toys.

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A quick and simple Vegan Recipe book?

I recently bought Veganomicon and love it! However due to the fact that my son will be starting school soon and I will be going back to work I would like a recipe book that had simple and quick recipes that are delicious!! I find that most the recipes that are in Veganomicon are a little to time consuming for the work week but are perfect for Sunday dinners. If anyone can suggest any books that fit in this category please post them and thank you for your time