July 21st, 2008

Coconut icecream recipe?

Hi all...
I'm looking for a recipe for icecream that's made with coconut milk/cream, and that's made without the help of an icecream machine. I'm having some friends over tomorrow night and I'm planning to cook a ton of different curries, so I thought an icecream of some sort would be great to finish off the meal. If anyone can help me out with a tried-and-tested recipe, I'd be really grateful. Thanks!

Okrapalooza Jambalaya

I put in a request for a jambalaya recipe last week because I was craving it big-time. Not really getting a response of omg-try-mine-now, I decided to take some ideas from the few recipes people linked to me and made up my own (which probably means this isn't jambalaya, but actually some bastardized Southwestern thing because I can't deny my Arizonan tendencies to make things bitter and hot). laceyslostlove asked me to post it if what I made came out well and since I like it and so do my parents, I figured I'd share.

Seriously, though, if you don't like okra, I'd stay away. I've included pics because the veggies looked so bright and delicious to me (but were regrettably taken at night so it's all artificial light, bah!). Mmm.

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