July 31st, 2008


Need Burrito help, and enchilada recipe

I want to make burritos similar to Chipolte burritos. The only thing I can't get right is the rice. Is it just cilantro and lime with some oil? Anyone know?
For my beans I am just going to season my black beans with some chili peppers (not an onion fan) and them put guac, salsa, Tofutti Sour Supreme and roll those bad boys up.
I've got a huge pot of rice cooked up and now just need to portion out the stuff I'm using for burritos and for lentils and rice.
I went on a wild cooking spree last night. (still going) I am trying to re-make the things I buy pre-made and freeze them for easy heat meals. I'm partially disabled and have two auto immune diseases so when I have a bad day I tend to eat a lot of popcorn and crap. Or spend loads of money on pre-made things. This is me trying to fix it when I am feeling well enough to cook!
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