August 3rd, 2008



The last time there was a post calling for favorite muffin recipes was in 2004. While the tags have plenty of delicious sounding muffin recipes, I figured I'd ask you all to list your favorite muffin recipes.

I have declared every Sunday starting at the beginning of this next semester at college MUFFIN DAY! The cookbooks I have are all of Isa's books, Vegan Planet, My Sweet Vegan and How It All Vegan but I'd love any more recipes you can think of AND recommendations from these cookbooks. Keep in mind that most of the semester calls for fall recipes and should have ingredients readily available at a Wisconsin farmer's market... and please, no wacky ingredients. Flours I can get before going back to school, but perishable things like soy yogurt aren't available.

Now, I'm off to eat another Almond Quinoa muffin from Veganomicon :)

Blackberry-Peach Cobbler :)

My girlfriend and I were on our way to her soccer game when we saw a guy selling cherries by the road. So I went to get some and he talked me into getting some peaches as well, which are the best peaches I've ever had. (I seriously live in the land of bad peaches. We can't grow anything here so the peaches we get are all under-ripe). Anyway, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I bought more peaches than two people could possibly ever eat. So I made cobbler. I got the recipe from The Post Punk Kitchen ( ). I used about five peaches and added a pint of blackberries, and sprinkled the top with cane sugar.

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