August 6th, 2008

Wine pairings , cheap food

I have two unrelated questions.

First, the bf and I really, really love wine. We tend to try to purchase the nicer wines and used to pair them with artisan cheeses. I'm wondering, what do you guys pair with wine? I have done things before like grapes, nuts, ect. But I was wondering about richer foods. Mabye olive tampenades? Or some sort of tapas? If you do any of these things, and actually pair up certain types of foods with certain types of wines it would be a bonus! It seems like i could make up various spreads and chutneys, but it is hard to pair things well when the wine always reccomends a type of meat :/.

Also, I need a good cookbook with easy (and preferably cheap) recipes. It needs to be good food though- none of this 'put corn and beans and tomatoes in a tortilla kind of stuff' haha. i have veganomicon and while i do love it, i can only cook from those a couple of times a week. i feel like if i can get a cookbook with simpler recipes that are still great(and mabye less faux meat to accomadate the bf), i will have an easier time of sticking with this type of 'diet'.

and btw- if you have not tried them they are FAB. they are raw, vegan, non gmo... and so, so good.

Beijing 2008

I'm hosting a little Opening Ceremony party for the Olympics on Friday and I was wondering if any of you had any easy, delicious Chinese recipes that have gone over well with food loving friends-vegan or not.
I checked the memories and found a tasty scallion pancakes recipe. Any recipe would be good especially if the ingredients aren't too hard to find.
Much appreciated!
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halp? with kale?

i need to eat more green leafies. i know i do. so this week i bought the prettiest little head of purple kale (with curly leaves... i have no idea what variety this is). i've made kale exactly once before, in a vegan "creamed" dish, and while it was more edible than i expected, it wasn't spectacular. i guess i don't like bland creamed things, even if they're vegan. (never liked the non-vegan varieties either.)

i checked the tags and nothing really stands out for me. so if you have a suggestion for a dish, or a method of dealing with the kale (my in-laws say you have to let kale freeze before picking it and it sweetens up, but this obviously wasn't an option at the supermarket), or SOMETHING to do with it to make it tasty and delicious, i'd be so thankful.

i don't really like how bitter it is, so bonus points for masking that. double bonus points for adding citrus or other form of vitamin C so i get more iron out of it.

is there a secret to this miracle food i'm missing?