August 28th, 2008

totally unrelated: onigiri, fried chikin, and banana french toast

1) i just got an onigiri bento box and want to actually put onigiri in it, at least some of the time. the fillings i know to use are ume plums and seaweed, but as you all are so creative i know some of you must have tried using other things. tell me about them!

2) i need the best recipe for vegan fried chikin the world has ever known. we're talking fast food type fried, nothing fancy, nothing gourmet, just crunchy batter and delicious grease. something that would satisfy a person who's used to mcdonald's and kfc. i'm going to be using may-wah chikin because my (omni) roomies adore it, so really i just need a good seasoning/batter/method. details appreciated as i have never fried anything in my life.

3) recipe! sort of. i had an old, sad banana and i wanted some french toast, so i dumped it into a bowl with some ricemilk, hit it with my trusty hand blender, dunked some bread, and put it on the stove. bananalicious. it might've been better with a bit of leavening, but as it was i and my roomies found it delightful and it was super fast.