October 7th, 2008


breakfast shakes

I guess this is a two part question:

1. Are there any favorite breakfast shake recipes you guys love? (no bananas).

2. I want to buy a protein powder (also gluten-free) but have never tried any. I'm in between hemp and rice powders (so soy..yeah i know, picky picky). Any insights on taste, texture, etc? Favorite brand/flavor?

Thanks everyone!
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Excess Avocados

My dad brought home about a dozen avocados the other day, probably picked from my papaws(grandpa) tree. He said I can have them, and I don't want them to go to waste. I like free things. :)
Are there any good recipes for avocados out there? I'm sure there are, I am just oblivious of them.
A small recipe, and short cooking time is preferred, but throw whatever you have at me.


Recipe ideas for an assorted whole grain and seed mix?

Hi all, I just joined this community. I'm a vetetarian contemplating going vegan because I'm newly separated and only have to cook for myself. Anyway, hi!
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I work in a bakery, and this is a kind of topping we use for a certain kind of bread, but we get more than we can use and this would have just gone in the trash. I think my coworkers thought I was a little weird because I wanted to EAT this myself! I was thinking of mixing this half and half with oatmeal and eating it as a porridge, but does anyone else have ANY ideas of what else I can make with this? I can get this for free, so I'm hoping I can make something decent out of it. Thanks a bunch!!!