October 12th, 2008


Red cabbage!

Hi everyone,

I have a ton of red cabbage, but not a lot of ideas when it comes to cooking with it. I have already made a stir fry, and I've used it to make a stew before, so I thought I'd ask you creative people if you have any other suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Halloween and Bonfire Night sweeties!

I want to make some Parkin, Gingerbread (which I think I have down to a tee), cinder toffee and treacle toffee for Halloween and Bonfire night. Is it possible to make cinder toffee and treacle toffee without using a candy thermometer? If so, anyone have a good tried and tested recipe? I love bonfire night and want loads of sweeties to feed to everyone while huddle round the bonfire and watch the fireworks! I'd make some to give to kids trick or treating on Halloween as well but I guess they'd prefer shop-bought stuff.

Anyway, do I need to buy a candy thermometer if I want to make these kinds of sweeties?