October 19th, 2008

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Sugar Free Pudding recipes

So for the Halloween potluck party at work, I plan to make a Kitty Litter cake (yes it sounds gross but its basically cake and pudding in a kitty litter pan with ground up vanilla sandwich cookies on top to look like the granules). My boss is diabetic and I would like to adapt the recipe for her. I have been able to find sugar-free vegan cake recipes but I haven't had much luck finding sugar-free pudding recipes online. I could really use some help getting a recipe or if you know of any sugar-free vegan instant pudding mixes out there that would be awesome too! Thanks!
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how to cook polenta

I've never cooked polenta at home before but had it at restaurants on a few occasions. I know they sell it in rolls and will probably get something like that as opposed to making it from scratch- but how do i cook it? I was thinking about making it as a side to like nutloaf and roasted garlic or something. Do i just fry it with butter or bake it or what? and do i need to add something for flavor?



i have been living on these! this recipe makes about 12 jumbo cupcakes (so 24 regular sized ones)

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it's just a yummy spice cake and the shredded apples give it the consistency of a carrot cake. soooo good!

also, i've been known to make a dark rum simple syrup and brush the tops of these bad boys when they get out of the oven. and then, frost as usual.

delicious with some hot apple cider!


mystery squash

I recently acquired these two squash from a store but they weren't labeled and no one could tell me what they were. I am wanting to know what they are and what to make with them.
(ooh that's blurry. sorry bout that didn't notice it was til I previewed it)
I was thinking a big pot of roast veggies or stew. I also have some garnet yams, a butternut squash and various other veggies on hand.

Seitan Shawarma

So I was trying to find a recipe earlier for some type of seitan shawarma for my boyfriend. I didn’t get a response in time for dinner, so I used a few different recipes as a jumping off point and made this…it actually came out REALLY tasty! Collapse )
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Chocolate help

I'm planning on making chocolates for Halloween. I wanted to make some chocolate suckers and truffles.

Does anyone know if there is anything vegan I can use to color white chocolate? I want to make the suckers like there and I thought they would look better colored like that.

Also, I have never used vegan white chocolate before, so does it melt and harden the same way as regular does? Or will this idea not even work out?

And one more question: Does vegan dark or white chocolate harden in a way that would be ok to even make chocolate suckers? I imagine them just turning into rock hard shapes of chocolate since I have heard that it is pretty hard when you melt it and re-harden it.

Any help on this subject would be great, I want to make cute chocolates!!