October 20th, 2008

misc - The Happening (ZD)


I went apple picking this weekend and got a ton of apples.

Does anyone have any different types of recipes to make with apples (or variations on old favorites)?

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)
Silent Rave


Our CSA has been giving us quite a bit of savory cabbage [or a very close relative, its a bit longer and not circular]...
Ideas for interesting ways to prepare it? Had been chopping it up and adding to stir fries, but we still have a head and half...and need to use it up faster

Also, stuffed cabbage recipes that are full of flavor and interesting without the meat?

[completely unrelated, but anyone have vegetarian french onion soup recipes that also achieve depth of flavor and richness?]

Ice cream maker!

Do you know what one of the great things about getting married is? Because evidently, I just found out one of them is getting mass amounts of stuff you've always wanted. Thus, I have an ice cream maker! Do any of you have any great 'ice cream' recipes? It'd be great if it didn't need any soy stuffs, but I can definitely try them, too. Thanks everyone!