October 21st, 2008

brian slade

sweet potato, "bacon," and fried green tomato sandwich.

I made this up off the top of my head yesterday. i thought it sounded crazy but decided i had to try it. my lovely date cooked it up while i was working late and oh my god was it good. here's the recipe for two sandwiches:

- rosemary focaccia
- 4 small green tomatoes (as in unripe, not as in ripe green ones)
- 1 large sweet potato
- a few strips of your fave vegan bacon (i prefer lightlife's tempeh "fakin bacon")
- arugula
- corn flour
- vegenaise (or vegan mayo of choice)

1. bake the sweet potato however you prefer to bake them until it's soft all the way through.
2. slice tomatoes. dip both sides in corn flour. pan fry in some vegetable oil for a few minutes on each side until they're kind of golden and soft.
3. cook up the bacon.

assembly (my preferred way):
-cut a sizable piece of focaccia in half.
-slather both sides with vegenaise and season with salt and pepper.
-scoop out however enough sweet potato to make an even, thick layer on one piece of bread. smash it around so that it's sort of mashed on there.
- put a layer of arugula on top of this
- layer fried green tomatoes and bacon on top of the arugula. this lets the arugula get wilty with the heat, which i like.
- throw the other piece of bread on top and dig in. you won't be sorry!

pad thai !

Every so often I come across a new pad thai recipe and I have to try it .. as it's my most favourite food in the whole world. This is my favourite one that I've come across so far. It's not super traditional, but delicious nonetheless. I think the website said it originally came from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

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