November 1st, 2008

Home Sweet Home - Kudos to sno_bitten

How can I veganise these French recipes? Also, a question about agar agar.

A number of years ago, I lived in France. And while I don't necessarily crave French food often, there are certain things I miss. Like brioche (such a perfect Sunday breakfast/brunch food). And I really want to make a galette des rois this January. Now, to only be able to find a porcelain fèvre.

On Food Network Canada, there's a show called French Food at Home and I found the following recipes on their website. I would love to veganise them, but while hopeful over the galette, I'm dubious about the brioche.

Here's the website link for the brioche recipe

Collapse )

And the link for the galette des rois recipe

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Is it even remotely possible to veganise these recipes? The brioche recipe calls for 6 eggs, which seems daunting at best.

As for the galette des rois, I'm mostly concerned about the egg wash used to seal and cover the pastry. (And I'm not wrong in that there is vegan puff pastry dough available commercially? I believe that Donna Klein made mention of it in Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen.)

In addition to the above, I want to make a recipe that calls for agar agar flakes, but I have agar agar powder. How does one relate to the other? I'm assuming they're not interchangeable.

Thank you all very much for any assistance you can provide me.