November 3rd, 2008

wiley wiggins

natto - part II

Thanks to everyone who posted on my previous entry.  Based on most of the comments, I'm guessing this one might fall under the "morbid curiosity" column.  But natto and I now, if not yet good friends, are at least coming to some sort of an understanding.

I was going to try the recipe suggested by nepenthes59 , but had a discussion with a couple of my colleagues - one of whom is Japanese and the other is a vegetarian who lived there for a couple of years.  Instead of the recipe with corn starch, my Japanese friend suggested mixing the natto with scallions, stuffing it inside of atsuage (fried tofu) and then putting that in the frying pan.  My other friend said natto takes a few tries to get accustomed to, and not to give up.  It's healthy and vegan, after all.
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easy french bread + "cannellini ghanouj"

So I have this problem; it seems like every other time I go to the store to buy garbanzo beans, somebody comes into the aisle right before me and mixes one can of cannellini/white beans on the garbanzo bean shelf, and I invariably wind up buying cannellini way more often than I mean to. Anyway, the other day I bought an eggplant at the farmer's market to make baba ghanouj and as I was mixing it all together, I felt like it needed something else, and the white beans made it perfect. So, here is my made-up recipe for white bean ghanouj, along with an awesome french bread recipe I found online somewhere. It's mostly called "easy" because it doesn't require sourdough starter or whatnot - you still need to let it rise for quite a bit, but it turned out AMAZING.

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