November 5th, 2008


Hi everybody. I have a gallon and a half of cider in the fridge due to a hayride. I got it last thursday, and it's going to go bad soon. I was wondering what I can do with it besides drink it? I might freeze a bunch of it if i cant use it all up soon. thanks!

Omega Kale Salad

Omega Kale Salad
Inspired by Veg*Triathlete's Omega Kale Salad, I made this for dinner tonight. The ingredients I used are a bit different, but that's the great thing about use what's on hand and its pretty much impossible to mess it up.

Simple. Delicious. Completely satisfying.

Ingredients I used:
* 1 head of kale - boiled to soften it up
* spinach
* pine nuts
* sunflower seeds (raw)
* hemp seeds
* lemon juice
* Miso Mayo - spicy red pepper (
* balsamic vinaigrette
* dusting of milled flax (for that omega boost)
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