November 14th, 2008


Larabar recreation

Hi everyone!

I have a bit of an obsession with the Cocoa Môlé flavored LARABAR,  but as most of you know, these delicious bars are not cheap. I have a small food processor and I know I could make these babies myself but I am just not quite sure about the proportions of ingredients. I was hoping somebody out there has recreated these or something similar, or may know how to go about doing it in a manner that is very close to tasting like the real thing.

Here is the list of ingredients as they are printed on the bar wrapper: Dates, Almonds, Walnuts, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Cinnamon, Chili

Do they mean chili powder? Would any cocoa powder do or would a special type have to be used? Ahhh!

Anyway, thanks for any and all help-you guys are awesome!

Stuffing Recipe Needed

Greetings All!  So I've decided to make a thanksgiving dinner for my german host family - first time making a thanksgiving meal. It's going to be interesting.  So I've decided to make a vegan loaf, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (possibly mashed sweet potatoes), and pumpkin pie.  I also really want to make a green of some sort and stuffing, but I don't have any recipes.  I really want an easy and traditional stuffing recipe, and I'm completely open as to what to make for greens - maybe steamed broccoli would be simple and easy and I wouldn't have to worry too much about it.  I looked through the tags for a stuffing recipe, but didn't really find anything I liked.  Well i thought the mushroom and green onion recipe looked great, but the kids Im living iwth (6 and 10) don't like mushrooms so thats out.

Anyways thanks in advance for y'alls help!! I hope everyone has a delightful thanksgiving!  Even though its about two weeks away!

Vegan, but not a fan of veggies

 Ok, so I've been vegan for a few months now and I like finding creative ways of cooking without animal products. I have a few issues though...I don't really like vegetables. I still eat unhealthily, but unhealthy vegan stuff (I know, not good, but at least I do take supplements). It's a long drawn out story of my life and it's some deep rooted psychological issue from my childhood (I won't go into details) but I'm afraid to try new food, especially vegetables (I swear this has a point related to this community).

I really want to expand my menu and am looking for recipes that make veggies easy to eat/choke down or make them taste NOT like vegetables. I'm also a very texture taste person and don't like crunchy veggies especially. The easier they are to eat, the better.

Sorry for the long story, but the bottom line is:

Can you share some of your favorite recipes that maybe could help me get over my fear/weirdness with veggies that might meet some of the above conditions?

I want to be healthier about being vegan. I know there are other things I need to do to help myself with this but hopefully some veggie recipes will help!

Also, if you know of another community where this might be better suited, feel free to link me!

Thanks for reading.