November 19th, 2008

Holiday party brainstorm

We're throwing a housewarming/holiday party in a couple of weeks, and I am working on my menu. I need to incorporate items that are kid, diabetic and omnivore friendly, and some wheat, possibly gluten free stuff would be good, too.

So far, these are my thoughts:

Hot bean soup (Not sure if I'm going black bean-corn or white bean-garlic here)

Toasted baguette slices (can go with soup, hummus or a bruschetta topping)
Bruschetta topping
Samosas (frozen from Costco), getting dipping stuff from a local indian place
Spring Rolls (ditto)
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into cool shapes (kids)
Veggie tray with a creamy dip

Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies
Gingerbread mini cupcakes
Chocolate raspberry cookies
Dark chocolate dipped satsuma mandarin wedges (attempting low sugar here)

Drinks? I'm totally stumped there. Probably non-alcoholic.

Am I being too exotic with the foods? Any obvious and awesome thing I'm forgetting? I'm wanting to do a mostly finger foods spread with the soup kind of filling the cracks. This is my first big party that I've hosted since I went vegan, and I'm the only vegan that will be there.

easy peasy healthy banana 'bread'

so easy, and a good way to get rid of over ripe bananas

3 over ripe bananas mashed up, you can leave some bits a bit chunky if you wish
1 cup of self raising wholemeal flour
a few tablespoons of your favorite dried fruit-i used a combo of sultanas and currants
30g walnuts or almonds, broken up
dash of cinnamon, to taste

oven to 170 degrees celcius

just mix all together

put in muffin size cases, or a tin though you may want to double the recipe as this only makes about 5 small cupcakes

I like to add broken up nuts covered in almond and dark choc chips to the top as they cook

great refrigerated over night so the cakes go all moist,
or warm with hot soy or rice custard

Vegetarian Ravioli, Much Needed Vegan-izing

A few years back I had some amazing ravioli, but not the meaty kind. Half of them were stuff with summer squash, and the other half of them with spinach, and of course drenched in tomato sauce, which was homemade and I'm sure I could replicate easily. My issue(s) are as follows:

(a) I need to get around the mozzarella cheese conveniently stuffed in with the veggies, argh.
(b) I need to know if any one else on the planet has been able to find a way to stuff their own ravioli, without the counter top pasta maker which could run a person several hundred dollars.
(c) I have very sound reason to have a no soy cheese policy for this recipe, therefore making stuffing a bit harder... though I did consider not adding anything other than veggie mush :P you can give opinions on that, or comments/suggestions for the other 2 roadblocks.

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: I edited my subject line, I hope it's acceptable.

Easy Cupcake Recipe Request

So, I'm in a bit of a bind here. I promised the staff that I work with that I would bake vegan cupcakes for our next meeting (as part of a staff dinner). The problem is, I'm at school, and all of my cook books are at home. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes that DON'T have nuts (we've got people with allergies). I would also prefer it if the recipes don't include any "weird" ingredients that my boss might not have (I'm using her kitchen because I lack one). Thanks so much!