November 20th, 2008


Sauces & Gravies


Does anyone have any good recipes for a vegan version of bearnaise & hollandaise sauces? I've been hunting around but everything looks either super complicated or just plain gross.

Also, what is your favourite gravy recipe? I have some good mushroom bases but I was hoping to make more of a "chicken" gravy (or yellow gravy) for a holiday dish and I don't really know how to do a good vegan version.

Thanks in advance!

Cranberry recipes?

Oh, you all make me so warm and fuzzy what with your inspirations, recipes, and puddle-of-drool-inducing food photography.

So I ask you, what are your favorite creative uses for fresh cranberries? I found a cranberry sorbet recipe that I'm really excited to try, as well as a vegan layered pumpkin cheezecake with a layer of cranberry between the top and bottom layers. But I'm trying to come up with some other interesting, festive recipes for next week.

That and I just love anything cranberry to begin with.
radiant phoenix

solutions for cravings for cheesy comfort food?

I've been working really hard lately to make my diet more healthy. I'm in the phase of kicking my cheese habit to go fully vegan, and I've been including a lot more vegetables in the meals that I make (being one of those people who grew up hating vegetables of all kinds, this has been a challenge). The problem is, all of a sudden I'm *craving* all sorts of non-vegan foods! I've been craving my grandma's Finnish squeaky-cheese, and drooling at the thought of a pasta salad I used to make that had eggs in it, etc... and then I usually give in and make some cheesy au gratin potatoes or something of the sort. It's really disturbing to me... even as I type this I'm kind of like salivating at the sentence I typed above. Gross. I've read cheese is addictive, but... really?

I'm wondering if I'm lacking some nutrient that's causing the cravings, or what. Maybe I'm not getting enough calories. I don't know. Here in SW Michigan the past week has been cold and snowy, and I always crave rich hearty foods in the winter, so maybe that has something to do with it also.

Anyway, I was just wondering what people's favorite comfort food recipes are! I'm looking for anything rich, filling, gooey, warm, creamy, buttery (margariney, whatever).... something I can make to help me get past this stuck point.

Edit: Thank you all so much for the suggestions!!

The Best Non-Tofu (imo) Pumpkin Pie

I just wanted any of you who have not found the perfect non-tofu pumpkin pie recipe not to fret. I made Bryanna's pumpkin pie last night, and it is absolutely delicious! It's very generous with the spices, so if you like a milder pie, I'd half the spices. I love it as is, though. Happy Thanksgiving!





I don’t like pumpkin pie made with tofu.  This filling has a cleaner taste, in my opinion, and no one ever suspects this one doesn’t contain eggs. One caution— make this the day before serving. It’s needs a day to set really well, I find. This is a spicy filling—use less spices if you like it milder. Omit molasses if you like it lighter, too (use white beet sugar instead of brown if you like it really light).


Serve with a good vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert, such as Purely Decadent Soy Delicious (Purely Vanilla or Praline Pecan).


Try cutting out some of the extra pastry into leaf shapes and decorate the rim of the pie with them.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.


Have ready, one 9” unbaked pastry crust (your favorite, or see two recipes above)


Blend in blender until smooth:


2 c. solid-pack canned pumpkin (one 14-15 oz. can)

(NOTE: if you use home-cooked pumpkin, drain it for several hours hanging in a cloth bag, so it’s thick like canned pumpkin; measure after draining.)

1 c. non-dairy milk (preferably a rich soymilk or nut milk)

3/4 c. brown sugar or Sucanat

3-4 T. cornstarch (depending on how firm you like it)

1 T. molasses or blackstrap molasses

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tsp. EACH ground ginger, nutmeg and salt

1/4 tsp. ground allspice or cloves


Pour the filling into the pastry and bake 60 minutes, covering the edges with foil if they begin to brown too quickly. Cool on a rack, then refrigerate overnight before serving.